TGS: Sneak-peek at Final Fantasy VIII
Nary a free station in sight...

   Our first news story from the Tokyo Game Show is a sneak-peek at none other than Squaresoft's upcoming juggernaut, Final Fantasy VIII. Despite other games at Square's booth, such as SaGa Frontier II (look for more info later), the game that unsurprisingly drew the most attention was the next sequel to the Final Fantasy series.

   On display at each booth was a much more developed copy of the game than the demo packaged with Brave Fencer Musashiden in July. Players were given only fifteen minutes each to try their hand at the game, which sported the ability to access the menu system, as well as more Guardian Force monsters. New CG movies were also on display, clearly amazing and whetting the appetite of those who gave the game a spin.

   In the new menu system, one of the most curious features of the title is what's known as the "Junction" system. Apparently, armor, weapons, and even Guardian Forces can be linked together to distribute special abilities and experience. The Guardian Force monsters can even be used in many different ways, depending on who summons the beast, and how it is linked. The details of this system will certainly become clearer as the game nears completion.

   With a price yet to be announced, Final Fantasy VIII is still set for a release sometime "this winter" in Japan, with a North American release sometime late next year. Look for far more Tokyo Game Show coverage later tonight and over the next couple of days as the tradeshow continues!

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