Tales of Destiny meets its fate

   Namco's latest RPG, Tales of Destiny, is finally arriving in stores now. The sequel to the SNES' highly lauded Tales of Phantasia, released only in Japan, Tales of Destiny has sold over 800,000 copies overseas so far. Follow Stahn Aileron as he strives for fame and fortune by stowing away on an ill-fated ship, only to be saved by an intelligent sword. From that moment on, Stahn's life changes dramatically, and her embarks on a quest which may even save his endangered planet from a great evil.

   Look for a critically-acclaimed RPGamer review shortly. And, of course, we've set up a Tales of Destiny message board for discussion of the game with fellow fans from around the world. Growing in popularity, the message boards are not something any true RPG enthusiast would possibly want to miss out on. Enjoy!

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