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Monster Hunter: World Tells All at TGS


Monster Hunter: World

Capcom's centerpiece for this year's Tokyo Games Show was Monster Hunter: World and the company had a lot to show. From details of the game's story to character creation, crafting, and several zones, the show had a lot of information to impart.

In Monster Hunter: World, every ten years marks the crossing of the Elder Dragons to the New World. Interested in learning more about this strange phenomenon, a group of researchers decides to follow them. In the game, a hunter, the player, will sneak aboard a ship chasing after the Elder Dragon Zorah Magdaros, who carries a volcano on his back. Another Elder Dragon that appears before the research group is the Nergigante, a fierce creature that wreaks destruction with little regard for its own safety.

The gathering place for the research team is Astera, a city built over decades by the different research teams. In addition to the Quest Board and Item Box, the city will house useful NPCs like the Receptionist, who compiles information, the Supreme Commander, and the Investigation Team Leader. From Astera, the world map can be easily accessed and without an active quest will allow for free exploration with few limitations. Players can be led to specific points on the map by assigning Scoutflies to a point on the map and having them physically guide the player on the field.

Players will begin the game being tasked with designing the physical appearance of their own hunter. Not only this, players will be able to customize their own Palico to act as a feline companion. But what really matters to characters is their gear and the Smithy will be able to handle that. The Smithy crafts and upgrades equipment at the cost of resources, though there's an option to roll back upgrades on weapons and retrieve the spent components. Equipment can have abilities, whether tied to individual equipment or as part of a set of armor. Multiple instances of the same abilities on different equipment will raise the power of those skills.

Special equipment will also exist that activates a powerful, cooldown-timed ability. They can include the Ghillie Mantle, which can temporarily conceal a hunter from a monster, or the Glider Mantle, which increases jump airtime, allows a hunter to ride strong winds, and makes it easier to mount monsters. Palicoes will also have their own armor and will be able to communicate with monsters for the opportunity to request their aid during a hunt.

Eating and cooking return to the series and the primary location for these actions is the Canteen. There, hunters can eat meals to provide benefits for a set duration while also regaining lost strength. The Canteen has a location within Astera and out in the field map, though characters will also be able to cook outside of the Canteen as well. Meals can be made by the player or chosen from a premade "platter" list. Different ingredients can also be converted into other ingredients by the Receptionist. Cooking takes one quest to complete, so those items won't be available right away.

Lastly, a stage demo of the Coral Highlands was shown, featuring several new monsters — the Bird Wyverns Tzitzi-Ya-Ku and Paolumu and the Flying Wyvern Legania — and two new locations, the Ecology Research Station and the Training Area. The Ecology Research Station will play a part in upgrading the hunter's Scoutflies by collecting trace amounts of monsters while exploring the game world. Meanwhile, the Training Ground is a location to test all the different weapon classes, the game's numerous combat system such as toughness and durability, and combo explanations.

Monster Hunter: World arrives on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide on January 26, 2018. A PC version is planned for a later date.

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