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WWII RPG Asks Players to Take On the Burden of Command


Burden of Command

Indie developer Green Tree Games is inviting fans of deep military battlefield experiences to experience its tactical leadership RPG, Burden of Command, when it releases next year. Based on actual World War II events, the game follows the campaign of the Cottonbalers, the famed US 7th Infantry Regiment that has distinguished itself by serving in more campaigns than any other US infantry unit.

Taking on the role of the Cottonbalers' Captain, players must make decisions that will affect the fate of their men both on and off the battlefield. Apart from managing combat, the game puts a lot of focus on the psychological side of combat leadership. Troops will develop certain "Mindsets" based on the player's decisions, affecting their performance in battle. Cultivating the men's trust and respect are important, even at the cost of personal safety. Dealing with combat stress can make the troops' behavior unpredictable, and at times a situation may require choosing between throwing the mission or sacrificing lives.

Bringing in Chris Avellone, writer of such games as Torment, as advisor, and sporting a plethora of PhDs, historians, and archivists, Green Tree Games is aiming for an experience that is as historically faithful as it is engaging when Burden of Command releases for PC sometime in 2018. Check out the game's website for even more information.

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