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We met with En Masse Entertainment to take a look at some of the games they will be publishing, and Closers is one of them. It was developed by Naddic Games, published by Nexon in Korea, Megaxus in Indonesia, and Sega in Japan. Now it’s North America and Europe’s turn to get this episodic action RPG. 

The game takes place in New Seoul, South Korea. I played Seha, who is described as someone who didn’t want the "closer" psychic power but is a "reluctant combat genius." He is recruited by Sylvi to help do what needs to be done. Seha is one of five psychic warriors who are tasked with closing the dimensional gates that interdimensional monsters invade through. This team of psychic warriors are called The Black Lambs. 

Closers resembles various kinds of anime, and the dialogue between characters and NPCs is unique and different for each person. An NPC isn’t going to say the same thing to Seha as he does to Sylvi. Each character has a different branch of the storyline. Seha is the Striker and is armed with a gunblade. He was fun to play, hitting all the bad guys with multiple attacks — even hitting exploding barrels to kill monsters. There are also special HP/MP barrels to help regain lost points, which is really helpful during fights. 

One of the cool things about this game was the Force Cancel action. If hit at the right time, Seha was able to cancel the boss’ special attack, or negate all damage. 

This side-scrolling RPG will have "seasons" that will come out in a pre-determined amount of time. En Masse hasn’t decided how long it will wait between seasons, as they want the player base to have enough time to play through the storyline before releasing the next season. Closed alpha is slated to begin this month. 

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