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Divinity: Original Sin II Now Available on Early Access


Divinity: Original Sin II

The Early Access version of Larian Studios' Divinity: Original Sin II is now available for PC on Steam. The Early Access version includes the first act of the game, which is compatible with single player and multiplayer co-op for up to four players, as well as the PvP arena mode. Those interested can gain access to the Early Access version by pre-purchasing the game for $44.99/£29.99/€44.99.

Divinity: Original Sin II is a follow-up to Larian Studios' original 2014 release, which received a console version in 2015. The game begins with the player-created character, whose appearance and origin story are customizable, being imprisoned in Fort Joy due to their ability to wield forbidden magic. Eventually they escape and team up with up to three other magic users in their adventure. The full version of Divinity: Original Sin II is due out some time in 2017, with only a PC release currently planned.

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