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Atelier Firis Provides More Character, Gameplay Details


Atelier Firis

Gust released more details and media for its latest alchemy RPG, Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey. Introduced in this update are two new and two returning characters, as well as new synthesis and combat details.

The first new character is 26-year-old Edel Hangstein. She is both the mayor of Reisenberg and a fully-licenced alchemist, replacing her father in the former role. The other new character is the 25-year-old minstrel Luis Bester. She disguises herself as male for ungiven reasons, and also works as a peddler dealing in various things. Also appearing the game are returning characters Meklet and Atomina from Atelier Sophie. The pair of travellers always seem to be together, with Atomina having a quieter personality to Meklet.


In the series' latest version of synthesis, players can earn bonuses through the placement of ingredients within the cauldron. Atelier Firis adds in Catalysts that can be used before placing any ingredients and can alter the bonuses that are available. The game also introduces "Superdreadnought Synthesis". These special items can significantly alter the world around Firis, for example, an artificial sun that can melt an ice field and let Firis traverse it more easily. The game will also feature various quests for Firis to undertake. Some of these will have multiple methods for accomplishing them, with the solution used triggering another quest down the line.

Atelier Firis' combat generally sees characters taking single actions in turns. However, players can link consecutive turns with their allies by triggering a Chain Burst after filling the appropriate gauge. The more actions that are linked, the more powerful the cooperative attack and the higher the Cooperation Rate. If this Cooperation Rate reaches a certain value, players can press a button and select a character to do a powerful finishing attack to round the chain off.

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Atelier Firis is the second title in Atelier's Mysterious sub-series — following Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book — and is currently set for release in Japan on September 29, 2016, for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. There is currently no news regarding a possible western release.

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