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Final Fantasy XV Delayed to November


Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix confirmed recently rumours of a delay to Final Fantasy XV's worldwide release, announcing a new release date for the game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One of November 29, 2016. The announcement came with a video message from Director Hajime Tabata, viewable below in Japanese with English subtitles, where he outlined the reasoning for the delay, which is primarily to ensure that all players are able to access the best available version of the game whether or not they have an online connection.

The publisher did not confirm whether the disc releases for the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie or Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV animation would also be affected by the delay, but did confirm that Kingsglaive's digital release for August 30, 2016, would be unchanged. In his video, Tabata did reveal that a new thirty-minute gameplay video of Final Fantasy XV will be released this week. The game will also be playable at this week's Gamescom exhibition in Cologne.

(Turn on closed captioning for English subtitles)

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