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Konami Breaks Silence on Beyond the Labyrinth's Gameplay


Beyond the Labyrinth

Though details were scarce before, some information was divulged on upcoming 3DS game Beyond the Labyrinth. As explained in a recent issue of Famitsu magazine, the white haired girl seen in many screenshots for the game is the companion of the player character. It is the player's goal to reach the top floor of the Labyrinth in order to get out. As the dungeon is explored, a map is drawn out on the lower screen. Enemies are visible and when the player runs into one, the game switches to battle mode. Not much has been said on the battle system itself, but it seems that players can have four members in their parties. Famitsu's screenshots show these characters with names clearly given to them, like "Konami," but whether this means the party members will all be player-created or not remains to be seen.

Beyond the Labyrinth is being developed by tri-Ace and published by Konami. It is being labeled as a "3D Dungeon RPG." The game will be playable at the Tokyo Game Show later this month. No release date has yet to be set, and it is unknown if it will be released outside of Japan.

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Beyond the Labyrinth
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