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Crimson Alliance Offers an Unusual Way to Save Money


Crimson Alliance

Certain Affinity's upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game, Crimson Alliance will be coming out tomorrow, and when it does many buyers will find themselves presented with an unusual choice. They will be able to either purchase the full game for $15 (1200 Microsoft Points), or purchase a more limited "Class Pack" version of the game which only has access to one of the three characters for $10 (800 Microsoft Points). This means that people who want to only use one of the three characters can save a little money. That said, buyers who purchase the single-character version of the game will not be able to unlock the other characters or upgrade to the full version, so they will need to pick a character wisely.

The free trial version will have all three characters available, so it is a good place to try them out for anyone who wants to save the $5, but doesn't know which character to pick. Alternatively, fans can take another look at the Gnox, Direwolf, and Moonshade character videos to see which character interests them the most.

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Crimson Alliance
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