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Dungeon Siege III Expands into the Desert


Dungeon Siege III

Square Enix has announced that Dungeon Siege III will be getting a significant DLC expansion. This DLC pack, titled Treasures of the Sun, takes players into a new region called the Aranoi Desert in search of a lost Legion hero. This chapter of the story will include several new quests, new enemies, and even new kinds of loot.

In addition to the new story, the Treasures of the Sun DLC pack will include several additions to the basic gameplay of Dungeon Siege III. It will raise the game's level cap from 30 to 35 and introduce several new abilities for each character. The expansion will also introduce a new system for reallocating ability and talent points, letting players re-customize their characters without restarting the game. Finally, the developers will introduce an equipment enchanting system. With the expansion, transmuting equipment into gold will have a chance of also creating magic vials that can be used to upgrade weapons and armor.

Treasures of the Sun will be released in October, though Square Enix did not provide a more specific release date. It will cost $9.99 and will be available from Steam, the PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live.

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Dungeon Siege III
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