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Meet the Cast of White Knight Chronicles II


White Knight Chronicles II

D3Publisher has recently released artwork, screenshots, and information on White Knight Chronicles II's characters. Among them are two characters new to White Knight Chronicles II, Miu and Scardigne.

The girl with the horns is Miu, the granddaughter of the late Archduke Dalam. She is kind-hearted and does not like to fight. When civil war broke out in Faria, she managed to escape along with Scardigne. She often wonders how she can be of help. Scardigne is a general of Faria, who meets and joins with the character Leonard while attempting to flee from Faria. He has a cold demeanor, but is dependable nonetheless.

Among the returning characters is the aforementioned Leonard, the young man on the left-most side below. He accidentally became the pactmaker to the White Knight in the previous game and has since become an official knight to the Kingdom of Balandor. Next is Cisna, the princess of Balandor. She has recently overcome the shock of her father, King Valtos's murder. To fight against the Yshrenian Empire, she sends Leonard to Faria as a messenger. The third, Yulie, is Leonard's childhood friend and has secret feelings for him. At first she was against Leonard going into battle, but later decides to fight alongside him.

The last two characters are Caesar and Grazel. Caesar is the free-spirited son of Count Drisdall, ruler of the city of Greede. In the first game, he traveled with Leonard as the pactmaker of the Dragon Knight. He has since taken up the role of ruler of Greede after his father passed away. Grazel is a major antagonist and pactmaker of the Sun King. He believes himself to be the reincarnation of Emperor Madoras of the ancient Yshrenian Empire. In the first game, he declared war against the entire world.

White Knight Chronicles II was developed by Level-5 and is being published in North America by D3Publisher. The game was released in Europe on June 8, 2011 and will be released in North American on September 13, 2011. New screenshots can be viewed here.

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White Knight Chronicles II
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