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Heroes of Ruin Class Info and Trailer


Heroes of Ruin

Square Enix has revealed some information on one Heroes of Ruin's four classes, the Vindicator. The Vindicators are an order of beast-men that resemble lions. They are known for leading the frontlines in battle and wielding massive blades. In Heroes of Ruin's story, the playable Vindicator has done a shameful act. To redeem himself, the Vindicator travels the world and learns about Nexus, the ruler of a kingdom who was struck by a terrible curse. He decides to assist in finding a cure, repaying his debt in the process.

A new trailer was also recently released. It mainly shows the other three classes: the Gunslinger, the Savage, and the Alchitect in addition to the Vindicator in action. The trailer states that players can "assist and plan their attacks using the mic," which may mean that there will be voice chat while playing online.

Heroes of Ruin is a 3DS action RPG being developed by n-Space and published by Square Enix. It will feature both local and online multiplayer and is due for release sometime next year.

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Heroes of Ruin
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