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Aldorlea Games Releases Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset


Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset

Aldorlea Games has announced the next installment of its popular episodic RPG series, Millennium. Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset continues the ongoing tale of Marine, a young girl tasked to save the world of Myst. In order to save Myst, Marine must find twelve warriors willing to support her cause against the heartless Mystrock government.

In Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset, Marine and the gang are back, and they only have six days left to find the remaining four warriors. With the deadline reaching a close, Marine must find those final warriors or risk losing the world she loves.

For more information on Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset, check out the game's official website. This PC RPG can be purchased from the Aldorlea Games main website for $13.99 with a guide that can be purchased separately for $6.99.

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Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset
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