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Ubisoft Delays Might & Magic Heroes VI Again


Might & Magic Heroes VI

PC RPG Might & Magic Heroes VI has been delayed again. It was first slated for a June launch, then it was pushed back to September 8. Now, publisher Ubisoft has pushed the release date further, to October 13. According to Ubisoft, it is because of feedback from players of the first phase of the Beta, such as balancing issues and bugs. As community developer Ubi_Irina on the Ubisoft forums wrote, "thus, we took the decision to delay the release of Might and Might & Magic Heroes VI in order to secure a bit more time for the dev team to take into account your comments and deliver the best quality game."

The Beta will reopen on August 16 and will be open to everyone who pre-ordered the game. Might & Magic Heroes VI is being developed by Black Hole Entertainment. It will add a new reputation system and online features to the series' classic turn-based strategy battle system.

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