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Vindictus Impression - E3 2011

Nancy Tseng


Vindictus is a free-to-play online action-oriented RPG for the PC that was released last October. It was developed by devCat Studios in Korea and published by Nexon America. Vindictus uses a modified version of Valve Software’s source engine, allowing players to destroy everything and anything. In addition to its action focus, customize gear as well as join parties and raids.

In the demo, I got a taste of just how brutal this game can be. The developer played the newest character in Vindictus, Karok, a tank-type character who wields massive weapons, like huge pillars. Although he moves slow, his blows are very strong, and he can pick up and throw around enemies. The other characters available include Lann who is a warrior that uses dual-weapons, Fiona who is a warrior that uses one weapon and a shield, and Evie who is a magician. As Karok, he made short work of all the smaller enemies in the dungeon, making his way to the boss at the end. The boss was a giant creature that took a lot of patience and hacking to kill, finally ending with a flashy finishing move. Karok was made available to players in North America on June 15, 2011.

Each dungeon takes about twenty minutes to complete, and you can have up to four people in your party or eight people during a raid. In the future, Nexon plans to have raids consisting of up to thirty people. One interesting thing is once in a dungeon, equipment you have on will get damaged and disappear if it breaks, but after the dungeon has been completed, your equipment will be restored. You can then go into town to trade and socialize with NPCs or customize your gear via Enchant and Dye systems.

The other big addition Nexon added to the game on June 15, 2011 is the ability to undergo a second transformation. Currently, players can choose to transform or specialize in a certain class at level forty. This depends on the character you chose to play. For example, players that chose Lann can then specialize in becoming a Paladin or Dark Knight. With the second transformation, players will be able to specialize even more and become something like a “super Paladin.” If you like free-to-play games, this one looks pretty, is action-packed, and is available to play now.

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