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Dragon Nest Second Impression - E3 2011

Nancy Tseng

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest is an online free-to-play action RPG for the PC. the game is developed in Korea by Eyedentity and will be published by Nexon America.

At E3, I played PvP as a sorceress, specializing in elementalism, with three fellow RPGamer staff members.In Dragon Nest players can have up to six players in one PvP session, and on my team was Emanuel Merino, while on the opposing side, was Mikel Tidwell and Chris Privitere. I had a choice between playing on a gamepad or playing with keyboard and mouse. I chose to play with the gamepad but had some trouble learning the controls right away. As you can imagine, I died a lot before I learned how to use all the special attacks. One complaint I have is that I could not figure out how to immediately get back up after being hit, resulting in other players attacking me. Once I died, I had to wait a few seconds before I could get back into the game, but I could use this time to change camera angles to see what was happening on the battlefield. After respawning, there was a grace period of a few seconds to get reoriented without getting attacked. Although I had some difficulties, the gamepad was a nice way to play Dragon Nest once once I learned the button layout.

As an elementalist sorceress, I had both close and far range attacks, including shooting a ball of magic and conjuring up a huge fire. There were also some ice attacks and a variety of other special moves that I didnít get to test out. I also saw that the sorceress could also specialize in mysticism, which deals more dark magic.

Besides the sorceress, there are three other characters to choose from: warrior, cleric, and archer. The warrior uses two-handed weapons and deals with melee attacks, while the cleric heals everyone and uses hammer and lightning bolts to harm enemies. The archer can handle close range attacks with kicks and far range attacks with arrows. Once you choose your class, you cannot switch to another class until level fifteen. However, players can have up to four free character slots.

In addition to PvP, players can also play in groups up to four people through the game's story arc. There is adjustable difficulties, though hard and master modes provide harder levels with more loot.

A closed beta is set to start June 15, but look out for this game later this summer in North America. Players will be able to play with people from the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

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Dragon Nest
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