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Carpe Fulgur Announces Fortune Summoners


Fortune Summoners

At Anime Expo 2011, Carpe Fulgur announced its newest localization project, Fortune Summoners. This doujin title was developed by Lizsoft and is a side-scrolling action-RPG. The game is said to include plenty of puzzles that will require players to use all three heroines strategically. Each heroine has her own unique abilities: Arche is a swordfighter, Sana is a water spellcaster, and Stella uses fire to destroy things in her path.

Andrew Dice, founder of Carpe Fulgur has stated that the game will be 100% DRM-free and will include graphical enhancements from the Deluxe Edition that was released in Japan. However, he has also stated that Carpe Fulgur does not have the rights to the voice work from the Deluxe Edition, but will use the original indie voice actresses. Finally, the game will have full XInput support, meaning that players can use their Xbox 360 controllers and other gamepads to play Fortune Summoners. At the moment, Carpe Fulgur is shooting for a November to early-December release for the game, with a demo releasing by September to mid-October.

For more screenshots, see our gallery here.

Official Japanese trailer:

In other Carpe Fulgur news, Andrew Dice has stated that the company's second project, Chantelise is getting closer to release. Dice states that he hopes to have the game released by the end of July.

You can view an official trailer for Chantelise below:

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