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Breath of Death VII Soars in Sales


Breath of Death VII: The Beginning

Back in May of this year Breath of Death VII: The Beginning made its debut on the Xbox Live Indie Games. After five months of release, Zeboyd Games is proud to announce that their title has sold over 30,000 copies at just $1, with a trial-to-purchase conversion rate of 66.7%.

Creator Robert Boyd has posted over at Zeboyd Games a post-mortem for the game, discussing the strengths and weakness of the project, along with personal reflections upon the completion of the title. Boyd states that "Making Breath of Death VII: The Beginning was a great experience for us. It taught us a lot about game development and has allowed us to gain contacts & fans that will help us when we release our future games."

Zeboyd Games is set to release a second title on Xbox Live Indie Games titled Cthulhu Saves the World which is set to release sometime this year. For more information about Breath of Death VII: The Beginning, check out RPGamer's reviews and interview with creator Robert Boyd.

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Breath of Death VII: The Beginning
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