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Take Hold of Your Destiny in Lord of Arcana


Square Enix

Square Enix has announced a new RPG for the PlayStation Portable titled Lord of Arcana. A Monster Hunter-esque game, Lord of Arcana will allow players the chance to defeat evil foes either in a single player mode, or multiplayer with up to three friends.

The game is to offer a wide variety of quests, items, and challenges for gamers to compete in. Square Enix states in their press release that it will be a title with simple controls so that even those unaccustomed to action games can jump right into the fast-paced world. Square Enix has also stated that there will be tons of customization features for creating player avatars.

The story takes place in a fantasy world called Horodyn. In a peaceful village there lies a powerful stone called Arcana, which is the source of all order. It is said that only one person with "the power" can acquire Arcana, though various factions compete to take hold of this power for their own means.

While Square Enix has not yet set a release date for Lord of Arcana, they have announced that it will retail for $39.99. Expect to see more information and media for the game in the future.

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Lord of Arcana
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