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Guild Wars 2 Takes a Break, Plays Some Minigames


Guild Wars 2

Festivals and their attendant minigames are a very popular part of the original Guild Wars, so it's no surprise that the developers of Guild Wars 2 are looking to expand on that concept. Kicking off July on the ArenaNet Blog, developer John Stumme announces that there will be unique fun activities available in the capital city of each of the five playable races.

One of the featured activities is bar brawling, an everybody-for-themselves contest involving breaking bottles, kicking people into tables, and generally fighting dirty. For players who would rather not be covered in broken glass and splinters, there are plenty of other minigames such as a shooting gallery and snowball fights. The guiding principle behind Guild Wars 2's activities is to provide a wide variety of things for players to do, no matter what their mood is on a given day. So far the minigames seem more in-depth than those usually found in MMORPGs, so they should be interesting to check out when the game goes live.

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Guild Wars 2
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