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A Load of Last Remnant Details Revealed


The Last Remnant

Square Enix has released new details about its upcoming multi-platform RPG The Last Remnant. First off are details about some of the main cast: Rush and Irina Sykes, David Nassau, and the four generals of Athlum.

Rush is the main character, a youth raised far from the struggle for Remnants, who is dragged into the conflict when his sister Irina is kidnapped. She is captured by a mysterious group that seeks to learn about the mysterious power hidden within her that even she knows nothing about. David Nassau is the marquis of the state of Athlum, a young man with a desire to see his land gain independence from the larger nation of Celapaleis. He crosses paths with Rush and soon the two of them are fighting side by side: Rush with his sword and David with the Remnant Gea Bolg.

The four generals of Athlum are handpicked elite soldiers said to have the strength to defeat thousands of enemies alone. Emma Honeywell, matriarch of the Honeywell clan, is a brave warrior who is like a mother figure to David. Torgal is a four-armed, 200 year old sovani. He is intelligent to the point of seeming to be conniving and is emotionally detached from others. Blocter is a male yama, a large fish like race. He grew up with David and considers him family. Pagus is the final general, a member of the small race known as qsiti. He is the backbone of the generals and a lover of history.

These characters all come into play in The Last Remnant's battle system. Battles are fought between mutliple unions, groups of up to five people, on an open field of exploration. Monsters will freely roam the land and can be avoided or attacked as the player desires. Each union will need to be issued commands, but the standard "Attack" and "Magic" commands are replaced with more general actions such as "Attack but stay healthy" and "Time to get mystical." These commands will vary as the morale bar changes with the tide of battle. Player can select which enemy will be attacked next and must pay careful attention as positioning matters. Once every union is issued an order, they will attack and the enemies will do the same.

Remnants are also explained a little more in detail. They can be almost anything, with some examples including gems, beasts, and weapons. The Remnants are worshipped by all and are integral to their environments.

The Last Remnant is coming out on the Xbox 360 first on Nov. 20, 2008 and later on the PlayStation 3 and PC. It will be released simultaneously in North America, Japan, and Europe, making it as Square Enix states "an RPG for the world." The Last Remnant has been rated M for blood, language, suggestive themes, and violence. The suggested retail price will be the typical $59.99 in the US.

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The Last Remnant
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