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Asda Story Beta Opens, Guaranteed Fun


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What's better than guaranteed or your money back? Guaranteed without having to pay a cent. In Gamecampus' free MMORPG Asda Story, that's exactly what players are being guaranteed.

Asda Story is a new fantasy MMORPG based around two unique systems, the Soul Mates and Real Costume mechanics. With Soul Mates, two players can align to unlock unique costumes and abilities not available to solo players. In addition, the Real Costume system allows for customization in ways few MMORPGs can offer. The ability to change a character from head to toe sets Asda apart from many of the free games which require repeated purchases for cosmetic changes.

With such far reaching customization, it should come as no surprise that the game's population in Korea and Japan is nearly one quarter female. Gamescampus has announced they expect the same ratio in the North American market. The game also boasts for being one of the very few free MMORPGs which is Vista supported.

Asda Story's beta begins tomorrow, August 5th, and interested parties should check out their signup here. In order to qualify for the money-back guarantee, players must reach level 40 before September 4th. Further details about the Guaranteed Fun Promotion can be found here

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