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Ar tonelico II Confirmed for North American Song Magicians


Ar tonelico 2

Gust/Banpresto announced the North American release of their sequel to the Ar tonelico series. Ar tonelico II is set for release sometime in December on the PlayStation 2. The sequel to the popular 2007 Ar tonelico will have an enhanced battle system that uses two instead of one Reyvateils. Both Reyvateils must be synchronized in order to utilize their song magic and obtain the victory. The game also boasts new methods to affect emotions of the Reyvateils in order to boost their effectiveness in combat.

Ar tonelico II features an improved dating sim aspect to gain the trust of the Reyvateils so they are more powerful. This is done by diving into the Cosmosphere, or subconscious, of the Reyvateils and driving out their inner demons. The game has also improved from its original by increasing the challenge in combat and adding more to the shop synthesis for the hardcore RPGamer.

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Ar tonelico II
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