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Star Ocean Series Prepares for TGS


Square Enix

Square Enix has opened an official portal site for the entire Star Ocean series. This portal links to the sites of Star Ocean: First Departure, Star Ocean: Second Evolution, and the tentatively titled Star Ocean 4. There are also links for Star Ocean 3 as well as the Director's Cut, which is the version that released in North America.

The three upcoming games are all scheduled to be shown at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show which begins on September 20 and runs through September 23. First Departure is scheduled to be playable, with its full site going live on September 21. Both Second Evolution and Star Ocean 4 are scheduled to be shown in trailer form only.

First Departure and Second Evolution are remakes of the first two games in the series, both of them for the PlayStation Portable. You may find new screens for the former here, while media for the latter may be found here. Members of RPGamer are scheduled to attend the show and we will post more details as they are announced.

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