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Vanillaware Waggle Their Way to the Wii



Vanillaware, the creators of the graphically impressive and critically acclaimed Odin Sphere, announced their new title, Oboro Muramasa Youtouden. Oboro is an original action game specifically designed for the Nintendo Wii.

Oboro follows a similar style to that of Odin Sphere's 2D artwork, but the game will ascetically follow a look similar to that of feudal Japan. Like Odin Sphere the game will zoom in and out on sprites during game play to fit the action. While the game takes many of the graphical techniques from Vanillaware's previous titles, it will boast a unique look due to its setting.

Players are given the choice to control either a girl, Momohime, or as a young boy, Kisuke. The game play is presented as a fast passed, ninja-like action game that is friendly to gamers of all skill levels. Players will even be able to choose between several control schemes thanks to the abilities of the Wii. There are currently no details on what these different modes entail.

Oboro Muramasa Youtouden is being directed by Jouji Kamitani and produced by Yoshifumi Hashimoto. The game is 30% complete, but no word yet on a release date.

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Oboro Muramasa Youtouden
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