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E3 - NCSoft Shows Off Dungeon Runners



Dungeon Runners is a game that almost wasn't. In fact, it's had such a rocky start that it's on its fourth development team. This current team has been working on the title for 1.5 years, finally releasing the title on May 27 of this year.

Dungeon Runners is an MMORPG for the casual gamer. Everything is designed around 15 minutes of gameplay. The game is designed to have as little delay as possible. There's almost no travel time in the game. The players can warp almost anywhere at any time, including dungeons. In fact, the entire penalty for death, in nearly every dungeon, is reviving back in town, then being able to warp right back to the fight.

For those tired of searching for parties, this game has the answer for that as well. First off, the game is very solo friendly. The dungeon difficulty will scale to the size of the party, allowing players to come and go as they please. To join up, simply find an open party and click join. The character will be warped right to the battlefield with no delay. When it's time to stop, the player can leave the party without worrying about abandoning the other party members. Since all the classes in the game are loosely called "Monster Slayers", there's no need to find the missing class for the perfect party setup.

When the player tires of one class, or simply wants to try something else, they can reassign all skill points earned to that point for a small amount of gold. Once the fee is paid, they have 15 minutes to reassign the points in any way, even trying them out in dungeons. After 15 minutes, the stats become set, requiring the player to pay the fee again if they are unsatisfied.

Another option catering to the casual gamer is a difficulty setting. The monsters are based on the difficulty setting of the leader of the party, allowing people to play at whatever challenge they feel comfortable with.

Dungeon Runners is a free game, but they do have an option for memberships. For five dollars a month, more powerful items can be used, as well as adding bank space, voice chat, and the ability to stack potions in the inventory. Since potions are the only healing in the game, this can be a significant enhancement to a player.

The specs required for Dungeon Runners are nominal. Because the game spent so much time in development, the graphics are easy on the GPU. The artistic style is more like a fantasy comic book than realistic, and is well done. Since a casual gamer may not have a top-of-the-line PC, this only helps with Dungeon Runners' overall goal of quick and easy gameplay.

Dungeon Runners is rated "T" for violence. It is currently available for download at

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