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E3 - Fallout 3 Q&A with Emil Pagliarulo


Fallout 3

After being walked through the Fallout 3 demonstration, Emil Pagliarulo answered some press questions, and RPGamer was there to ask as many as we could think of. Here's what information came out of the Q&A.

First, it seems that there have been no major refinements to the Havok physics since Oblivion to make actions like setting items down easier. However instead of a click and hold methodology, manipulating an object is now accomplished by clicking once, moving it where you want, and clicking again.

Second, they are still debating whether or not they will let players kill the children in the game.

When asked about whether or not it'd be possible to kill any and all NPCs, Emil expressed their concern over letting their players get backed into a corner that they can't get themselves out of, or not experiencing content the designers want to be sure they see. So it's currently still being worked out whether or not they'll be able to design the game such that they can let you kill whoever, or if they'll have to make some people untouchable. He did express a strong desire to have as few unkillable NPCs as possible, as they know the negative aspects of putting walls like that in front of players.

The player's gender does affect the reactions of NPCs, opening up different conversations and quests and whatnot. However, at this time they could not confirm whether there would be any romantic affairs available.

Once again, a question about who the target audience is resulted in the response that the target audience is Bethesda. He reiterated that their design strategy is to make the game that they want to play.

Making NPCs as rich as possible is one of the team's goals as well. Their desire is to make exploring the NPCs a very interesting and fun part of the game. Recruitment of NPCs came up, though at this point they can just confirm that it's there. They are still working on how many NPCs can be recruited. It was mentioned that the NPCs will interact with each other, with one aspect of the interaction being based on the NPCs morale alignment.

Unfortunately, Emil could not confirm the presence of a dog, stating only that it's still "possible."

Emil also assured us that the game would run on XP, so no worries for those who are concerned about Vista's gaming performance.

Finally, we asked if they would be including a construction kit like what is included with the Elder Scrolls titles. Unfortunately, they have not made a decision on this yet.

Keep your eye on RPGamer for further Fallout 3 details as we get them.

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