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Loki Goes Multiplayer



Though Loki's gameplay experience will focus on a solo quest, gamers who want to bring a few friends (or rivals) into the game will have several options available to them. The game will feature four multiplayer modes available to local area networks and online. Co-op mode will allow up to six players to take on the game's main quest. Duel mode, as the name implies, allows for one-on-one battles with other players. Battle mode will allow two teams of up to four players to duke it out. Challenge mode allows up to six players to choose one of twenty challenges against Loki's varied monsters.

Loki will keep track of players' success via "Ladder," an online ranking system. It will also feature a "closed mode" which will allow online characters used in multiplayer modes to be saved on the server so as to guarantee that they have not been modified locally and re-uploaded. This feature will help to prevent cheating during online combat. Though the game was released in Germany in France this past June, North American players wanting to get in on the online or offline action will have to wait until Loki's release on August 27.

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