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Square Enix's Take on the Console War


Square Enix

For a company almost strictly associated with Sony and Nintendo the past five years, Square Enix sets the record straight by announcing it's intent on supporting all three new-gen consoles. This annoucement came in a Wall Street Journal article this week anaylzing Sony's PlayStation 3.

"We don't want the PlayStation 3 to be the overwhelming loser, so we want to support them," said Michihiro Sasaki, Square Enix's vice president. "But we don't want them to be the overwhelming winner either, so we can't support them too much."

There are already two games that Square Enix has committed to each new-gen system developed by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Final Fantasy XI and Project Sylpheed are heading to the Xbox 360, while Wii will host Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers and Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors, and finally Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII will go to the PlayStation 3.

Notably, the Wall Street Journal also reports that Square Enix has yet to decide which next generation console the Kingdom Hearts series will reside. Sony's systems will still be home to the latest installments of the Final Fantasy franchise, however.

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