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Soul Cradle Details Emerge


Nippon Ichi

Nippon Ichi, through Famitsu magazine, has revealed details about its upcoming SRPG, Soul Cradle: Devourer of the World. The game takes place in a fantasy world where the threat of giants called the "World Eaters" has loomed constantly for the past 200 years. The hero is a typical young man from a remote village, headed by the elder Lena. One day, Lena calls upon this young man and explains that she was one of those who fought against the World Eaters when they first appeared two centuries ago. She gives the hero a sword in which is trapped an incredibly powerful, though insane, man named Gigu who originally unleashed the World Eaters in the first place. The hero gains great power by bonding with the sword, but he also risks being completely absorbed by Gigu.

Like many of Nippon Ichi's recent endeavors, Soul Cradle is an SRPG. But, Soul Cradle incorporates some traditional RPG aspects as well, including towns where the player can chat with citizens or shop for equipment. The world map revolves around selecting locations from a menu, arguably a Nippon Ichi tradition. Before choosing a battle location, the player sets up different parties in the menu, and can choose one when combat begins. But, if the hero is defeated, the entire party is defeated, resulting in game over.

As is popular to mention, the player can challenge a World Eater minutes into the game, though this World Eater is not necessarily the final boss. The result of an undeveloped character challenging something called a "World Eater" is left as an exercise to the reader.

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