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tri-Ace Undiscovers Infinity, Gust Mixes Things Up



The same issue of Famitsu which revealed Square Enix's upcoming new slate of RPGs has also teased gamers with two additional new RPGs from developers tri-Ace and Gust.

tri-Ace, the development team responsible for such games as Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and Radiata Stories is currently at work on another entirely new non-series game known as Infinite Undiscovery. Unlike prior tri-Ace titles, Infinite Undiscovery will be published not by Square Enix, but rather by Microsoft Game Studios. The game, which features a fantasy setting and a real-time battle system that promises seamless movement and battles, will appear on the Xbox 360 console.

Meanwhile, Gust has revealed that the latest in their Atelier series of games will be coming to the Nintendo DS. Called Atelier Lisette, this is the first handheld entry in the series since Bandai's Wonderswan Color, and it appears to be styled more after the traditional Atelier games than the recent Atelier Iris games, which placed a decreased emphasis on alchemy.

As the Tokyo Game show is steadily approaching with just one more week to go, it's likely that additional details will come to light on both games soon. Keep checking back with RPGamer for more.

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