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Konami Announces Lost in Blue Sequel



Konami has recently announced its plans to release Lost in Blue 2, a sequel to last year's Lost in Blue, a survival RPG in which the player guides a boy and girl through the dangers of a deserted island. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, Lost in Blue 2 will again give players control over both a boy and a girl, however this time with some new, expanded gameplay.

The stylus once again comes in handy for all the activities that are to be had on the island. The touch screen comes in handy for collecting items, carpentry, cooking, wickerwork, and even skin diving. Both the girl and the boy now have individual skills; over the course of the adventure the boy will become more adept at climbing and fighting, while the girl will increase her skills with the bow and finding ingredients for meals.

New to the game is the ability to fight wild animals with whatever weapons may be available. Also, the island's tropical location allows hurricanes and earthquakes to occasionally visit its shores, a feature that will give the Lost in Blue 2 a more unpredictable nature than its predecessor. Lost in Blue 2 is slated for release on the Nintendo DS in early 2007.

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Lost in Blue 2
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