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New Harvest Moon Announced for Nintendo DS


Marvelous Interactive

Following the details on Harvest Moon Wii comes the announcement of Harvest Moon: The Island I Grew Up On for the Nintendo DS. Though the proximity of the announcements, as well as the similar island theme, suggests the two may work together somehow, no information regarding such has been announced.

Harvest Moon: The Island I Grew Up On starts with the player choosing for their main character either Mark or Chelsea. The character washes up on a nearly deserted island after a disastrous incident on the ocean, and soon meets the elderly Tarou, his daughter Felena, and her children Natalie and Eric.

From there it is traditional Harvest Moon gameplay. The most obvious difference is the introduction of the stylus. The stylus is used to control movement and to map different tools to directions on the D-pad. Also, a new crop, rice, has been added. As the player's farm grows, others will come to the island to build homes and open stores.

Harvest Moon: The Island I Grew Up On is scheduled to be released in Japan in December. No North American release has yet been announced, but Harvest Moon DS (known as Harvest Moon: Colobockle Station in Japan) is set for a North American release this fall.

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Harvest Moon: The Island I Grew Up On
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