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President of Monolith Soft Discusses Baten Kaitos Origins


Baten Kaitos Origins

In a recent interview, Monolith Soft President Hirohide Sugiura discussed his company's upcoming Baten Kaitos Origins. Baten Kaitos Origins is a card-based RPG, similar to its predecessor, Baten Kaitos, and takes place twenty years before it.

The game was co-developed with tri-Crescendo, who handled sound and also directed the "Magnus Battle" system. Under the "Magnus Battle" system, the entire party uses the same deck in battle, contrasting Baten Kaitos' system where each person has his or her own deck. This new system requires more strategy to effectively use the deck, but also makes for faster and more fluid battles. The cards' visuals are designed to be identified quickly, further encouraging speedy gameplay.

Baten Kaitos Origins was developed for the Nintendo GameCube, despite concerns that the GameCube market is losing momentum. Sugiura explained that by the time the Nintendo Wii was announced, development on Baten Kaitos Origins was nearly completed, and the time and effort involved in porting over the almost-finished product was not worth it. Furthermore, they were not restrained by the GameCube's perceived limitations and were able to fully develop the game as originally planned. Sugiura stated that, "since Wii [has] very unique hardware, we thought we should start from the basic game design if we [were to] make a game for Wii." He added, "I would rather challenge it in another opportunity."

Monolith Soft does indeed have plans for the Wii. Sugiura did not confirm a Baten Kaitos game, but he hinted at a list of titles to be announced at a later date. He also expressed an interest in making use of the WiiConnect24 system, but did not go into detail.

Baten Kaitos Origins' development team of 50 spent 18 months creating the game. It was made in a large part to respond to the public's positive reaction to the original Baten Kaitos. Baten Kaitos Origins was releaed in Japan as Baten Kaitos II in December 2005, and the North American release is scheduled for September 25th.

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