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Taito Announces Remindelight



Taito recently announced a new RPG entitled Remindelight. The Book of Happiness has been torn apart, plunging everything into sadness. Someone must adventure across various worlds to recover the scattered pieces of happiness, called "Happieces." Once the Happieces are gathered the Happiness Book will be restored, and the happiness will return. Four heroes have stepped up to this task, each with their own distinct weapon, magic style, and lineage.

The first is a young man of the Shiiru clan who appears to be named Surf Flood. His weapon of choice is a sword, and he weilds the magic of fire only as backup the Shiiru clan is better with its hands than with magic. This honest and straightforward young man lives with his sister Selas, who had an encounter with the Unhappiness Book, causing her bright and cheerful personality to fade away.

Kuurie Le Grasseld comes from the very proper Kris clan. At home she is a perfect, aristocratic lady, but once on the road she wields her bow and water magic with ferocity, acting just like one of the guys. Members of the Kris clan prefer to fight with their heads, and so Kuurie is significantly more skilled with magic than with weapons. Kuurie also has a twin sister named Alice, who is a quiet girl and bad cook.

From the shapeshifting Skoo clan comes Tolon, an energetic boy with a spear and wind magic. The clan's human form is only temporary, and they wear feathers around their heads to identify themselves. Tolon worries that his transforming skills may not be up to par, but under the guidance of his kind father, Rodi, he may yet go far.

The last of the main characters is Enju Fullhorn, a member of the Ain clan armed with a heavy axe and earth magic. The Ain clan is known for its members' brute strength and tree-like appearance, but Enju is short and not very strong perhaps because he spends so much time reading rare books. Enju's best friend is a snake named Pozram who hangs perpetually around Enju's neck. The two have known each other for so long that they're practically brothers.

The game features a first-person battle system. Status and command windows are displayed on the DS's top window, while all the action takes place on the touchscreen. When a character's turn comes up, commands are entered using the directional pad; pressing right enters attack mode, and left is for defend, for example. Battle makes heavy use of the stylus. When defending, the outline of a shield appears on the screen, and the player must guide it by sliding the stylus to actually block the enemy's attacks. To attack, draw a line across the enemy on-screen to mimic the slash of a sword. For magic, the player draws an arcane symbol to fire off a spell.

Remindelight takes its name from the game's main story: to remind all the saddened people in the world of the delight that has been taken away from them. The quest to bring back the happiness will begin in September for Japanese gamers.

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