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Disgaea 2 Producer Confirms Sequel


Nippon Ichi

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Producer Souhei Niikawa confirmed in an interview that Nippon Ichi intends to make a third Disgaea game. When asked whether Disgaea 2's US sales figures would influence the decision whether to make a sequel, Niikawa replied, "Sales numbers always help for sequels, but we have no intent on ending this series just yet, so you can count on part three."

Niikawa went on to mention the similiarities and differences between Disgaea 2 and its predecessor. Disgaea 2 revives the grid-based maps, Geopanels, and Dark Assembly from the first game. Also making an appearance—though much less prominent than in the past—are Laharl, Etna and Flonne.

While staying in the same vein as the design of Disgaea, Disgaea 2 is not simply a clone. There are many additions to the system giving it its own unique style, from the "unpredictable" Dark Sun system and shops and rest areas added to the Item World, to more standard changes like new monsters and classes.

Disgaea 2 was released in Japan in February 2006. Its North American release is scheduled for August 29th.

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