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New Character, Battle System for Tales of the Abyss Revealed


Tales of the Abyss

Namco has announced yet another character for Tales of the Abyss. This is the fifth character revealed, including the two main characters, Luke and Tear, as well as the last two characters revealed, Markt Kingdom soldier, Jade Curtiss, and Dollmaster, Anise Tatlin, or as she likes to think of herself, Mrs. Luke fone Fabre. Mieu is a Chigle, a cute species of creature that is considered holy by the Lorelai Order. Normally they live in the forests, away from civilization. Though, for some reason, Mieu has chosen to follow Luke. The belt it wears around its waist is actually a gold ring called the "sorceror's ring," which allows Mieu to speak the human language and breathe fire.

The developer also took the time to unveil some new details on the game's battle system. Tales of the Abyss is sticking with the Linear Motion Battle System that many past Tales games in the series have used, but with a "flexible range" variation, or FR-LMBS for short. This is basically an improved version of the multi-line battle system found in Tales of Symphonia. Battles will take place on 3D planes that allow for multiple lines which can go in several different directions. The added difference is that, with a touch of a button, players may freely roam the battlefield as they see fit.

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Tales of the Abyss
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