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Makai Wars Resurrected


Nippon Ichi Software

Generally, when it is announced that a certain game's development has been postponed, many view it as the kiss of death for the game in question. This more often than not rings true, as many games never make it to release after their postponement is announced. This was also widely expected to ring true for Nippon Ichi Software's PSP strategy RPG Makai Wars when it was announced that the production for the game had come to a halt in April of this year. Although many who called NIS America's support center inquiring about this game's status received messages that the game had in fact been canceled, NIS has told many, including RPGamer at E3, that the game had only been placed aside for a while. This disposition turned out to be no bluff today at the Tokyo Game Show, where it was announced by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan that the once PSP bound Makai Wars was now in development for the PlayStation 3.

Nothing else concerning the game is known at the present. Further information will be provided as it develops.

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Makai Wars
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