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Namco, Bandai Reveal Tokyo Game Show Lineups


Tokyo Game Show 2005

This weekend's Tokyo Game Show will feature one of the first joint ventures of soon-to-be merged Namco and Bandai. Specifically, the two companies will share a booth, though each will feature its own lineup of games.

Namco will showcase a total of 12 games including two Tales titles. The PlayStation 2 title Tales of the Abyss and the PC MMORPG Tales of Eternia Online are both scheduled to make an appearance. Neither title has been announced for a North American release, though Tales of the Abyss is slated to appear in Japan on December 15.

Bandai's offerings will double Namco's at 24 titles, though it will also offer three RPGs. Videos of .hack//G.U., which is scheduled for release in Japan and North America in 2006, will be on display. The first true .hack MMORPG, .hack//fragment, will be available in demo form, and more details about the game are expected to be revealed in anticipation of its Japanese release later this year. A third title, the PSP port of previously released The Legend of Heroes, will also feature a playable demo at Bandai's booth.

The Tokyo Game Show will take place this weekend, September 16-18. Our Japan Correspondent Paul Koehler is flying out to catch all of the happenings as they happen, so check in with RPGamer for more RPG news straight from the show floor.

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