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Cast of Code Age Commanders Gains New Members


Code Age Commanders

New information regarding Square Enix's upcoming title Code Age Commanders has been excavated from the pages of Famitsu. The story of Code Age Commanders will be shown from the viewpoints of three different characters: Gene, who has been previously announced, Fiona, and Gerald.

Fiona is a soldier in the White Army. She is extremely loyal to her commander Ginevia, who saved her life, but the death of a friend has planted the seed of doubt in her. Ginevia is the commander of the White Army. When she was still human, she was a scientist who worked alongside Gene's father in the Ark. After the Ark crashed to the ground, she chose to become a Warhead in order to experiment with it as a possibility for saving other people. However, as time passed, she changed to the point where she is now determined to allow only those she chooses to survive.

Gerald is a member of the Black Army, and faithfully carries out the commands of his leader Sullivan. However, he wonders why they have enemies, when they're all supposed to be saving people. Sullivan is the commander of the Black Army. He was also a young scientist on the Ark along with Ginevia and Gene's father. Once he became a Warhead, he started absorbing Code from many people, experimenting with ways to save those who still survived. As his enmity with the White Army became clearer, he started gathering a Black army of his own.

Professor Alvin is Gene's father, and one of the scientists responsible for the creation of the Ark. He was one of the first to fall when the Ark was destroyed, and has since devoted his time to finding a way to save the rest of humanity. For a long time, he wandered with Killroy, searching for answers until one day he suddenly disappeared. As of yet, it does not seem that he has become a Warhead.

Aside from the White and Black Armies, a mysterious third party has been revealed. However, other than its existence and the fact that it is not friendly to Warheads of either army, nothing is really known.

Along with these new characters, a special ability of each has been revealed. Gene can use a "Light Blow" to do damage and knock an enemy back several paces. Gerald has the "Slide Turn," which enables him to do heavy damage to several foes at once. Fiona also has a multi-enemy attack called "Spin Attack."

As characters level up in battle, it is expected that they go through some sort of transformation. However, there is a small chance that one of these transformations hits a snag and triggers what is called a "Code Crisis." The ultimate effects of a Code Crisis haven't been made clear yet, but as it can happen in the middle of battle, it will likely cause quite a bit of chaos.

Code Age Commanders is scheduled to be released next year in Japan and North America. Keep watching RPGamer for more news and media for this game.

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