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Rogue Galaxy Characters Battle It Out


Rogue Galaxy

A few days ago, a handful of Rogue Galaxy scans from Famitsu came to light, showing off some details about the game's battle system. All battles in the game will be real-time action, with three characters participating. Keeping with Level 5's goal of making a game with minimal load times, random battles are conducted when enemies suddenly appear, without any blackout or loading screen. Players control only one of the three characters in the battle while the other two are controlled by AI. However, it is possible to switch between characters at any time, even in battle.

All characters can equip two different kinds of weapons. Jester carries swords and guns. Kisara uses daggers and boots for kickboxing attacks. Zegram equips great swords and shuriken while Luluka has bows and nata. Carrying out any type of action will require AP. New abilities are not learned automatically, and whether a character learns it or not depends on certain actions the player has taken.

While you control one character in battle, the other two will constantly be speaking to the player, often calling out suggestions. Suggestions pop up in a small box at the bottom of the screen. For example, when one of the characters is low on HP, he or she will send a suggestion to use a healing potion. Players have the choice to do one of the actions or ignore the suggestion entirely, but they must do so within the short time allotted.

Also introduced in the scans is Captain Dorgengore himself, as well as his First Mate Monsha. Dorgengore is a big man with a sharp personality. While his crew fears his rages, he is usually a pleasant guy and a capable captain. Monsha, his First Mate, is also his cat. Monsha is fully capable of human speech and walking around on two legs. Lastly, there is the bounty hunter known only as the "Desert Claw." No one knows too much about him, but he is reputed to be one of the top-ranked bounty hunters in the entire galaxy. It is unknown as of yet whether or not Desert Claw is a playable character, but he does seem to do some work as a scout for Dorgengore.

Rogue Galaxy is currently on track for its December release in Japan. A North American release has not yet been announced.

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