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Tenchi no Mon Coming to North American PSPs


Tenchi no mon

Sony has announced that it is currently working on localizing the PSP action roleplaying title Tenchi no Mon to North America under the title of Kingdom of Paradise. The title puts players in the role of Shinbu, an outcast returning to become the savior of his clan, only to find that he and a girl named Suirin are the only members of the clan remaining. The two then set out on an adventure to return the balance of power in Ouka and to defend the name of their clan.

Players will traverse an area spanning five worlds, four external and one central, where each of the five martial clans will be calling home. The game will be taking players across these worlds in a linear story that follows the two adventurers as they collect over 150 skills that can be used to create custom move sets. Some enemies will only be able to be defeated using certain skills, which will keep players on their toes during battles.

Players will be able to link these skills together into combos which can be customized by the player, making each game different based on the user. Once players have set a combo, they can press the X button to unleash a powerful attack. Magic attacks will look different based on how much magic the player has built up ranging from small bursts to full screen fireworks.

Players will be able to utilize the wireless capabilities to fight one-on-one battles with other players in Ad-Hoc mode as well as using Infrastructure mode to download new sword and defensive skills for use in battle. Some skills will need to be collected during the players' travels, while certain others can be downloaded by the players. Infrastructure mode will only be used for downloadable content, while Ad-Hoc will allow players to not only battle each other, but to trade skills and combos with one another.

Currently, the game play has nearly been completed in the localization process and the localization team is working on adding English text and voices into the game. The world of Ouka will be filled with many different people, and it will be up to the player to talk with these NPCs to gather information and clues to progress the story. The world will also be filled with many objects such as crates and vases that will be fully destructible and sometimes contain items to help the player on their journey.

Tenchi no mon was released in Japan on July 21 and is scheduled to ship this fall as Kingdom of Paradise in North America. Sony of Europe has yet to announce whether they will be localizing the title for the continent; however, things could change if sales of the PSP do well. The PSP launches in Europe on September 1 for the price of 249 (179, $340).

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Tenchi no mon
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