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Code Age Commanders Site Updated


Code Age Commanders

Square Enix has updated the official site for Code Age Commanders with some music samples and new screens. To view and listen to these, just click on the latest update which is 2005.08.19, click on Special, and then click Music. There are five samples to choose from and each have screens that cycle while the music is playing. Other things you can find on this page are a look at the singer of the image song, some wallpapers, and a look at the title's showing at the Square Enix Party from the end of July.

Also, if you click on the Movie link on the sitemap, you can view the newest trailer for the game which was originally shown at Square Enix's party. It starts out by showing Code Age Archives, which is the manga from the series, then it shows a little bit of Code Age Brawls, and last it shows quite a bit of new footage from Code Age Commanders.

Code Age Brawls is scheduled for a Fall 2005 release in Japan and a 2006 release in North America. Code Age Commanders is scheduled for release in Japan on October 13 and at this time is scheduled for a 2006 release in North America. Currently, neither of these titles are scheduled for European release.

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