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Tales of the Abyss Details Emerge


Tales of the Abyss

Namco has revealed new details concerning Tales of the Abyss, the follow-up to Tales of Legendia. These details have arrived with the launch of the game's official Japanese website.

The game's story concerns an artifact named the Seventh Phonim, which was discovered 2,000 years ago and comprises a set of prophecies known as the Planet's Memories. They explain the history of the planet, from its birth to its eventual death. A world war occurred over these prophecies, decimating much of the planet and creating a fatal poison called the Shoki. Thanks to the guidance of the prophet Yuria Jue, mankind ended the war and sealed the poison.

The modern world is split between the Kingdom of Kimraska and the Malkt Empire, and peace is managed. A church serves as the ruling power and protects the Lorelai Order, which contain the teachings of Yuria Jue.

Details concerning two characters, Luke fone Fabre and Tear, have also been revealed. Luke is the son of a duke of Kimraska, and has experienced a mostly sheltered life. Unfortunately, he was kidnapped during his youth and lost many memories of his younger days as a result. He has not been allowed to leave his estate since the kidnapping, and does not understand the world outside of his home. He is a sword-wielder, although he is not an expert swordsman. Tear was orphaned during her youth and sent to the Lorelai Order, where she became a soldier and could use the powers of the Seventh Phonim. She has a calm and mature demeanor, but loves cute things.

Tales of the Abyss is expected to be released in Japan in 2006. There is no word on a North American release.

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