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Characters Arise from Abyss


Tales of the Abyss / Namco

The two recently posted Tales of the Abyss magazine scans contained several bits of new information on said title. This update concerns two of the game's characters, Luke and Tear.

The single son of a powerful official in the kingdom of Kimraska, Luke fone Fabre is a spoiled child who loves nothing more than fencing and swordplay. His life, however, has not always been fun and games. When he was younger an incident occurred that almost resulted in his capture, and this traumatic experience has left him with a hole in his memory.

Tear was orphaned as a child and, as such, never knew her parents. Instead of being sent to an orphanage, though, she was transferred to the Lorelai church, where she was trained as a soldier. Her quiet nature and methodical precision give her the appearance of being both uncaring and apathetic, but deep down she has a weakness for anything cute and cuddly.

Tales of the Abyss will see a release in Japan sometime next year. At this time there has been no announcement regarding any localizations, but RPGamer will continue to update on this title in the future.

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