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Advent Children to Premiere on Silver Screen


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

More news from the Square Enix party in Japan has surfaced; this time, however, it concerns the company's second foray into motion pictures -- Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Specifically, official plans to bring the upcoming film to movie theaters across Japan were made public. The movie is set to premiere on September 8, followed by an official, nation-wide public theater release on September 10. The planned release date for the DVD and UMD release of the movie has not changed and is still scheduled for September 14 -- just four days after the theatrical release.

The news was revealed in the form of merely a few lines of text following a trailer of the film shown at the party. Unfortunately, details on exactly where the film will be shown were not disclosed. It's still possible that the movie will only see a limited theatrical release in Japan. Though Advent Children won't be seen in movie theaters stateside, North Americans can still look forward to seeing the film in their living rooms when it hits stores on September 13.

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
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