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New Grandia III Details Unveiled


Grandia III

Square Enix has released new Grandia III details, including tidbits on the battle system and the reemergence of traditional Grandia series items called Mana Eggs. This news comes within only a week of the game's Japanese release.

The game's battle system is partially real-time, and uses a system called initiative points. A large dial appears in the upper-left corner, containing icons that represent all allies and foes. The icons spin around the dial clockwise, and the player gets to choose a character's action when its icon hits a line called the Com line. The icon continues to spin to an Act icon, where the character carries out the command the player chooses. One command the player can choose is Cancel Attack, which can move an enemy's dial icon backwards and cancel its attack.

Mana Eggs vary in strength, boost magic power, and hold different elemental characteristics. Equipping the Mana Egg of an element makes a character's spells in that element grow stronger, but players can also gain very powerful spells by breaking the Eggs. Mana Eggs can be synthesized in at least one special town, as well as be bought or found.

Grandia III is due in Japan on August 4. There are no announced plans for a North American localization.

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Grandia III
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