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Shining a Light on a Sorrowful Interview


Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Nintendo of Europe recently sat down with longtime Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi (IGA) to talk about videogames. Of particular interest was what he had to say regarding the Nintendo DS entry in the series, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, which is a direct sequel to the Game Boy Advance title, Aria of Sorrow. While the story and many features have already been unveiled, the interview brought to light a few new details about the title's features and overall length.

As was previously mentioned, the stylus is used to seal bosses after you have defeated them. Failing to seal them correctly causes them to revive with a portion of their life. On top of this use, the stylus is used to create steps for Soma by breaking crystals.

The game will allow for multiplayer, as players can swap souls, which are taken from many bosses, between each other. IGA also mentioned that they may include the ability to create special customizable maps which could be swapped between players. "There are also special maps that each player shares and the user can place enemies in the map, enemies of which the player has the soul, and the player can send that map including enemies to another person. And then they can play that level to decide who is faster. Whoever clears the level quickest wins the ‘race’. So you could really create nasty levels, you know – put a boss in there somewhere."

Bosses will play an important role in more ways than trying to stand in the way of Soma Cruz and company. Abilities are gained from some bosses that give players new attacks or ways to maneuver past obstacles. One such ability is gained from a puppet master that switches the player with a doll into an iron maiden. Defeating this boss allows players to throw a doll and then trade places with it. Another importance of bosses is that players can collect their souls, which are sometimes required to access blocked areas.

IGA also mentioned that the game will span approximately ten hours as players progress through ten levels. Dawn of Sorrow will also have multiple endings, which would add to the overall replayability of the title. Players will meet eight characters along their journey and IGA hinted at the possibility that they might be playable. The game will have slightly more emphasis placed on action rather than puzzle-solving, unlike some some prior titles in the series.

Konami's first Castlevania title on Nintendo's dual-screen handheld has been announced for Europe, Japan, and North America so far. Release dates are currently scheduled for September, August 25, and Q4 2005 respectively. Those who wish to visit their countries' official website for the game can click on the ones listed above to be whisked away.

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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
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