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Webzen Takes PS3 into MMORPG Territory


Endless Saga

In a press release sent today, Korea-based developer Webzen announced a new MMORPG to be released on the Sony PlayStation 3 and PC: Endless Saga. Webzen unveiled a first look at the colorful game at the Annual PlayStation Meeting hosted by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

Nam Ju Kim, Webzen's CEO, said, "We’re excited about being one of the first publishers to bring a new online game to the PS3. We look forward to working closely with Sony Computer Entertainment Japan throughout the development cycle to ensure this new fantasy game appeals to MMORPG and PS3 fans everywhere."

Produced by Webzen's D-Studio, both the PC and PS3 versions of Endless Saga are slated for release in 2007. The company promised more detailed announcements to come forth in the near future.

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Endless Saga
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